Vekostar brings pure daylight inside.

Vekostar technology supplies natural daylight in every home and workplace. Plus, Vekostar’s Proprietary Technology cleans the air with pure, healthy ionization. Our unique lamps will bring the benefits of sun light with proven purifying effects of ionization to your indoor environment.

Pure daylight with a plus!

Pure Daylight

Natural Daylight is a source of energy and health for humans and animals. Yet we live and work in artificial light for much of our day. Vekostar brings in 98% natural daylight -- with all its associated benefits

Clean Air

What floats through the air in the office, in schools, at industrial sites, in hospitals and agricultural buildings? More fine dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses than you might think. Vekostar’s unique Ionization technology demonstrably purifies the indoor climate, benefitting all who breathe the cleaner, fresher air.

Economical and sustainable

Vekostar LED lights are energy-efficient, deliver a long lifespan and are sustainably-produced. They boast a high light output and are easily and quickly installed.

Vekostar products prove their value every day in stables and barns.

So many organizations now choose Vekostar products. They make this choice to improve the well-being of their people and animals. Pure daylight and a clean indoor climate lead to better health, higher productivity and morale, and lower rates of absenteeism. Read the testimonials of our customers in different industries and sectors. Discover their reasons for choosing Vekostar and the wonderful benefits they receive every day.

Awards and tax benefit

Vekostar has won various awards and awards for the innovative technology. In addition, Vekostar complies with quality marks from Dekra, NLGreenlabel and Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij. Vekostar lighting is recognized as an environmentally friendly technique. That may make you eligible for the MIA, Vamil and EIA.


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