Sinds de Vekostar-lampen er hangen, hebben we geen antibiotica meer gebruikt

Since the Vekostar lamps have been installed, we have not used any more antibiotics.

“In the past, our Lambar lambs were very sensitive to diseases. Pneumonia, sore mouths, and so on, "says Selma Zweemer-Noordhoek. “Then you had to keep an eye on them: are you all right? And then we gave them antibiotics if they were not doing good. We have not used antibiotics since the Vekostar lamps are installed. Zero! The lambs are much livelier, the stable smells much fresher. In short, it is a totally positive picture.” Sheep keeper Selma Zweemer-Noordhoek came into contact with Vekostar through her neighbor. “He was completely enthusiastic about the lamps. He said that he had much less disease pressure, that the air in the stables was much cleaner and that there was little dust. He was completely enthusiastic. That is why we tried it then. And we are now just as enthusiastic!”

René van Selm, goat farmer in Driewegen, is also very happy with his choice for Vekostar. “The living environment of the goats is considerably better. The goats are calmer and feel good about themselves. The fur of the goats also looks nicer. The measurement has shown that we have a minimum of 30% reduction in ammonia. The loss of weaker animals is considerably less. It is also more pleasant to work for the farmer. The choice of Vekostar is one of the nicest investments we have made.”


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