Een heerlijk heldere stal met Vekostar Agri ioniserende lampen

A wonderfully clear barn with Vekostar Agri ionizing lamps

Frank Rooijakkers van HeRo El from Asten not only has a laying hen business, he also sells chicken feed. So, he comes to visit quite a few colleagues. In this way he could see the effect of FreshLight Ionizing stable lamps with his own eyes before he decided to purchase them himself. In the meantime, Rooijakkers has been enjoying a wonderfully clear stable for more than half a year and he has spent less time cleaning the fine dust filter on his air outlet.

As a chicken feed seller, Rooijakkers sees quite a few poultry houses on the inside. He regularly encounters the FreshLight Agri stable lamps, which combine a calming light for the chickens with an ionizing effect that precipitates fine dust. Yet he only really saw the effect a year and a half ago. He then visited a company that had just switched over to ionizing daylight lamps, to realize more natural-looking light in the stable and less particulate matter.

The transfer was so fresh that only one of the two almost identical stables, which the laying hen holder had, had been provided with the lamps. In this way the difference between the two stables was beautifully visible. "Although fine dust is not visible to the naked eye, the difference in coarse, floating dust between the two stables was spectacular. This not only gives a good indication of the amount of fine dust; a clear stable is also simply more pleasant for farmers, staff and animals" , according to Rooijakkers.

Although fine dust is not visible to the naked eye, the difference in coarse, floating dust between the two stables was spectacular.

Because there was more than enough natural light in his stables, Rooijakkers did not need any lighting at all. But when he started using a new stable at the end of 2017, he decided that he still wanted to start with a clean slate. And that turned out to be easier than expected. Rooijakkers: "I used to have PL lighting and I still had the luminaires on it. So, I just had to hang it up again. I could then simply screw in the ionizing lamps myself. So easily replaced as a lamp, literally! "

In the meantime, the farmer has been enjoying his brand-new, extra-clear stable of one hundred by sixteen meters for over half a year, in which he keeps 30,000 laying hens. Because he did not need extra light, he opted for lamps that only ionize. In this way he can have them capture particulate matter 24 hours a day, instead of only running for 16 hours. "I like the fact that the ionizing LED lights at night to do their work. Instead of light, comes in the dark on a subtle green glow. So, I know they do it."

The ionizing lamps I could Just as easy as replacing a light bulb, literally!

In two years’ time, Rooijakkers will have the five old stables, where he used to keep 22,500 hens, demolished to set up new stables there too, exactly how he will arrange them and according to which the farmer does not yet know that he will be laying hens there , but he does know that he will also be using ionizing shed lighting there. "I have no hard evidence, but I still have a strong sense that the situation in my shed is healthier now. Moreover, it increases my pleasure in working, "says the satisfied laying hen farmer.


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