Our unique lamps will bring the benefits of sun light with proven purifying effects of ionization to your farming operation. Vekostar is the only one in the world that combines ionization and natural daylight. Thanks to the innovative techniques of FreshlightAgri it is possible for cattle farms to take steps to reduce ammonia, use of antibiotics, reduce odor and fine dust. Dairy farmers, beef farmers and young cattle breeders report extremely positive results. Dairy farmers who have opted for Vekostar, experience that the air in the barn becomes fresher and cleaner. This is not only pleasant for employees, but greatly benefits the cows who are less stressed. Claw problems and udder infections are less common and the risk of virus diseases such as IBR & BVD is also reduced. “The calves are doing great in the stable. The dairy cows are calmer and in the milking parlor it is a pleasure to work with this light.” Young animal breeders say that the young cattle achieve higher daily growth and show heat earlier and better. For meat farmers, too, the non-visible benefit of daylight leads to a good hormone balance and better vitamin formation.


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Technical aspects

  • IP67 dust and spray-proof luminaire
  • Light output of 1400-14000 lumen (10-100 watts)
  • Ionization of 5 million to 50 million ions per second per m² of stable surface
  • Heavy duty plastic. As a result (and due to ionization) virtually insensitive to ammonia.
  • Simple assembly through internal wiring and custom-made cabling.
  • Control via climate computer possible with multi-dimmer.
  • Certification: Dekra, UL, SGS
"Thanks to Vekostar I am working towards becoming antibiotics-free."

Dairy farmer Aen Age Jongbloed


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