About Natural daylight inside

Better visibility, more Energy, Better Mood.

Natural daylight provides energy. Light is of course important for good vision, but it also affects the heart and blood vessels, ensures the production of vitamin D and improves the immune system.
Light also has a direct influence on our mood and alertness. Natural light also has a positive effect on animals. Animals become calmer, behave more naturally, and feel, just like people, more energetic and vital. Natural daylight or sunlight consists of all colors of the rainbow: violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. We call this 'full spectrum' light. As a result, we see sharp and the colors are true to nature. Ordinary artificial light that we are used to at work and at home contains only a few colors from the spectrum. Vekostar offers full spectrum daylight that makes all the benefits of natural sunlight available indoors. The lamps realize more than 99% completely natural daylight. That means more contrast and lifelike colors. That is nice and good for people and animals


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